A new beginning.

     The year 2020 is the year everyone wants to forget. Problem is, we won’t. It will be the year we all remember.
     We had a double whammy. We won’t ever forget the year. Shortly after the one loft birds arrived, PMV showed up and infected the whole loft. To say it was a devastating sight to behold would be an understatement. It is something, I hope, no one else will ever have to experience. Not one for crying over spilled milk, however, we move one.

    Best way to forge ahead is to begin with new vigour and a new vision. With the enthusiasm of our two young helpers edging us on we have decided to not only continue on but to do so in a grand manner. 

   We have moved to a new location. For those who visit us often, we will be north of the Big Apple, five KM north of the Main 401 Highway. 

   We have a larger valley for the birds to fly in and we will be able to spot them a lot sooner when they come home from a race. The new loft is 24 feet by 90 feet and has room for 2000 birds. The design is the same, mainly because the loft works. Sunshine and fresh air, the two ingredients that help our birds thrive, are in abundance in our facility.
   In 2021, we are keeping our perch fees the same. We have increased the race fees by $ 100.00 per team in order to increase the payout for average speed and Ace pigeons. We will have the Master Breeder Award with nomination due the day you deliver your bi rds. For the main race we hope the world will be somewhat more stable and we can have our tent with food, pooling and a chance to gab with our friends. 

Hopefully, we will see you all in 2021.

Rick and Linda

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